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Would some new customers make a difference?

We know its hard for local businesses to get heard and raise their voice above the noise on social media.

We built this app to help you connect directly with locals, free of competing ads, reviews and sponsored content, so you can grow your business and make more money.

With InstantLocal a business can:

Engage Customers – With amazing posts on the fly

Create Demand – Reach customers with weekly, daily or hourly offerings

Grow Your Brand – Help customers become your best promoters

Do you run a business in Austin?

Because InstantLocal is launching in Austin we want you to get in early and to help we are offering a Launch Special for local businesses.

Sign up now and get your account free for one year! Plus we have a bunch of other great benefits, including promotions in our advertising and marketing, support to help you get started on InstantLocal, hands on help if you need it, and more.


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We run a lean business at InstantLocal. To help us succeed, we use tools to save us time, deliver better results and allow us to extend our reach. We know that most small and medium sized businesses don’t have a lot of free time or excess budget for marketing. We also know how staff and owners need to play multiple roles, and how sometimes they need to outsource work that is core to their business due to a lack of skills or difficulties in achieving the results desired.

Marketing on social media is critical to businesses, but to be effective, social media posts need to be:

  • engaging to grab attention
  • frequent to maintain that engagement and brand awareness
  • posted across multiple online channels to maximize reach
  • And most importantly, they need to be monitored to help us learn and improve.

But how can a time-strapped business do all of this? They can learn and use a variety of different complex systems and tools. Or they can outsource their social media work, costing thousands per month and putting control of their lead generation, brand and customer relations in the hands of others. We designed our InstantLocal app knowing these challenges first hand.

InstantLocal provides a simple solution by taking advantage of what we all do now – use our smartphones to take pics of what we are eating or doing, buying or seeing. With a simple “Snap it, Tag it and Post it” tool, businesses can create a photo-based post on the spot, add a title and description and post it live on InstantLocal all within seconds. InstantLocal also makes it simple for businesses to share these posts to their other social channels and their customers can do the same, helping expand their exposure and potential for each post. And InstantLocal provides businesses with the real-time impact metrics they need to help them see which posts worked best, allowing them to improve results with future posts.

InstantLocal not only simplifies posting to social media and monitoring results, it also provides businesses with new customer engagement channels. Customers can use the app to find their business, discover new offers in real-time, create favorite lists and boards, and share posts to their family and friends across their social networks. Businesses automatically get their own mobile “homepage” featuring all their photo posts to help improve their visibility, all free of competing ads, sponsored content and user reviews.

We benefit greatly from using the right tool for the right job. We believe InstantLocal is a tool any business owner or staff can use to quickly create and publish new photo posts on their products and services in real-time.

Next time you have a minute between customers, just think what you could achieve using InstantLocal.

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Everyone talks about being local, acting local, shopping local… that sounds great.

Now its time to do something about it!

But if I don’t know your local business exists, how can I become a local and loyal customer? How can I find and follow you on social media?

With InstantLocal post photos of your products and services so locals can find and engage with your business.

InstantLocal is real-time, easy to use and there are no competing ads, sponsored content and user reviews. Locals can browse, search, and engage with local businesses, plus they can share to other social media, map and create a list of favorites too.

Like what you see?

Let us know, get in touch with with Ricky, Vance or Nathan at info@instantlocal.com.

Be part of the local revolution!

Register now for our free Launch Special for Austin’s local businesses only.


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Posting on social media can increase your sales, grow your brand and help engage new customers.

Right… but how do you get noticed with all the competing ads?

We created InstantLocal because it seemed every time we searched for somewhere to eat, shop or something to do, we were bombarded with ads from the giants, not updates from the business down the street.

InstantLocal is for local businesses, your posts about your products and services and all the tools your customers need to engage with you.

All without the competing ads, user reviews and sponsored content.

Want to know more?

We are launching in Austin, check out our special free launch promotion offer available only to Austin’s local businesses, simply sign up today!


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Ambassador Program

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Getting our message out to as many people as possible is critical to finding the investors we need to make InstantLocal a success.

Interested in investing, keeping up-to-date with our progress, or think you can help connect us to potential investors? Why not sign up for our monthly progress report!

Since day one, our plan has been to bootstrap (self-fund) the initial version of the InstantLocal app and get it launched in Austin. This is important to us and we are working day and night on preparing for our upcoming Austin launch. After our successful prototype testing in April and May, we have nearly completed the new market-ready version of the InstantLocal app. Plus, we have kicked off our launch marketing plan, started working with businesses to get posts ready, and have even started booking our advertising campaigns and setting up the business operations.

But there is the small matter of our company’s future… and that means pitching to investors to build their trust and earn their investment.

Ricky and I have both grown successful businesses in the past and we have both experienced the challenges owners face. While our experiences have well-equipped us to build InstantLocal, we recognize we don’t know everything. So when we met Joe Milam, founder of AngelSpan, we knew we were on to something.

One of the challenges a new startup faces is finding time to do everything, and everything seems like a priority. We need to get the product to market, but we also need to inform as many people as we can about the opportunity, be they stakeholders or potential investors. Getting the right information to the right people is a massive job. That’s where Joe and AngelSpan come in.

AngelSpan manages investor relations for startups. Joe’s team has attacked the challenge of reporting the information investors want because they understand it requires time and experience that entrepreneurs don’t have. By delivering professionally curated and regular reporting, as well as thoughtful advice and support, they serve as a bridge to build successful relationships between investors and entrepreneurs.

Through Angelspan’s team, including Stephanie Milam and Francesca Parker, we will get help crafting our message and we will benefit from adopting best practice approaches to communication that enhances our values, demonstrates our capability, and unlocks the resources we need to succeed.

So what can you do to help? Let us add you to our mailing list!

Whether you are an investor or are interested in our success, join our list to get our regular updates and provide your feedback. And when you have the opportunity, pass on our information and help us connect with others so we can discuss our upcoming fund raising seed round.